Probably the most difficult part of the memorial ordering process  but the most important is what to say on the stone. We all have our memories from life and some lines will be there, in our hearts. There is no need to rush into this. Jot down a few lines and keep them somewhere visible in the house. When you walk up to the memorial for your loved one, we want you to be able to say, '' Yes, they would have loved that.''

There are so many fonts now with the internet and we try to access as many as we can. Gold leaf, paint, lead, even left blank.  ie on slate. Most incriptions now are computer generated and the style is just another choice for our clients. We will advise you on which colours match best with the colour of the stone, not always obvious.

With our experience over the years, we have many examples of verses and wording suggestions to help our clients make that often difficult decision. Here are some:

In loving memory/ In ever loving memory/Loving memories of/ Sacred to the memory of/ Precious memories.

Who died/ passed away/ passed on/ fell asleep

A voice we love is stilled/ To live in the hearts of those we love, is not to die/I will never forget you/ I held you in the palm of my hand/Love's last gift remembrance/Remembering you is easy , we do it everyday, missing you is a heartache that never goes away